Hiking in Spain, Cau, Planises and back

hiking in Spain, indigenous Palm treeHiking in Spain; Refugio Marnes, Cau, Planises Hiking in Spain, Alicante

Another hike which starts from Refugio Marnes, is easily accessible with only a short climb right at the very beginning. It will only take you about 2 to 2.5 hours, and has the Sierra de Bernia behind you for the first half of the hike. This walk commences from the back of Los Establos and follows the path to the ruin. The ascent crosses through the neighbour’s estate and emerges on to a dirt road, whereupon you turn right. You first pass a house with solar panels on the roof, then after a second house about 100 metres on you will see red arrows marking the trail to the left hand side, and indicates the path to take. After a while you will come upon a pile of stones, at a T-junction. Were you to take the left the path the Sierra de Bernia would come into view, but for the purpose of this walk continue straight ahead, bearing right, following the official yellow/white route. Hiking in Spain is about experiencing nature On this part of the trail you may encounter a Short-toed Snake-Eagle (Circaetus gallicus), a large bird of prey which hovers searching for food. You may see their favourite cuisine of lizards on the path as you continue on your walk. As you progress you may also notice animal droppings indicating that this part of the trail is inhabited by foxes, the animals leaving their urine and faeces to mark their territory. This trail offers enough to see for flora enthusiasts as well with the path lined by fennel, thyme, wild rosemary, so called palmitas (chamaerops humilis), juniper and the occasional pinos piñero, a pine whose seeds are edible.

Hiking in Spain, a whole year trough activity.

hiking in Spain, Short-toed Snake-EagleThe walk continues until finally a small crossing appears after another ruin. A right turn is taken and after about 30 metres a pole marks the starting point of the yellow/white route . At this sandy road, take a right onto the asphalt. Here you have the choice to turn left and take an extended hike, but this will eventually lead to a dead end. Following on right means the Sierra de Bernia will come into sight, and thus indicates the way back to Refugio Marnes. Along this road you will see what people grow in this area with the vineyards, olive and almond trees. In addition, in the summer you come across the sweet smell of the fig trees, also notice courgettes being grown and there are wild blackberry bushes and aloe vera plants along the way too.

This simple, relatively short walk entices all the senses. Welcome to hiking in Spain!