Free holiday and sun for construction worker, handyman M/F

Are you through with the UK for the moment, fancy a change, between jobs, not enough money to enjoy Spain? Maybe you will like this deal!

Refugio Marnes is a large old farm, mostly restored and rebuilt. But there’s always lots to do. If you are good with your hands (references please), or you have been working in construction and are willing to spend a couple of hours a day working, in return for a comfortable stay and meals with Refugio Marnes? Then you are more than welcome here @ Refugio Marnes. The coast and beaches are 25 minutes by car, you can learn Spanish, sniff the culture, you name it! You will need a car though.

You can enroll for specific projects or just come and stay here and a spend a few hours a day working usually on small projects like construction, maintenance etc.


  • woodshed for La Ruina
  • shower for the swimmingpool
  • little bell tower next to Refugio Marnes
  • stone rack for the mules
  • painting
  • pruning of trees
  • cutting the weeds.

If you are interested please send us information re. your experience and ideas, and contact us!