Hiking Alicante – Peñon Ifach Calpe

Hiking Alicante a great idea for an active holiay in Spain!

hiking alicante, peñon ifach in Calpe a great hike of aproximatly 2,5 hrsThis walk on the impressive rock off the coast of Calpe will take about 2.5 hours, going back and forth to the top. From the moment of passing through the tunnel , it is not suitable to hike with small children, or without proper hiking boots or if one is physically impaired. After the tunnel the path gets very narrow with steep walls on the side and one needs to clamber over rocks.


Hiking Alicante; Peñón de Ifach was appointed parque natural on January 19, 1987 and the highest point reaches 1,089 feet above sea level. This reserve is visited by more than 100,000 people each year.

The park is reached by driving to Calpe via the N-332 and upon entering the village signs ‘Penyal d’Ifach’ (Valencian name) will appear. From the carpark there is one route to the top so this is easy to find. The first part ascends but the path is paved with flat stones so this is accessible . Multiple viewpoints are passed: on one side the port of Calpe, on the other side the beach of La Fossa. On this path you come across several pine trees which have grown curved, a result of the force of the wind over many years. Peñon Ifach a great hike when you are hiking AlicanteAfter about 1 mile the tunnel is reached which was built in 1918 to provide access to the north east side of the Rock. Because an enormous number of people have passed the passageway since the opening of the tunnel, the stones are worn, and thus have become very slippery. Therefore, on both sides of the tunnel ropes have been installed in order to cross in a safer manner. However, it still remains slippery so be really careful at this point and one should not try to cross without proper walking shoes. Hiking Alicante; After the tunnel, the path remains difficult, and every so often you will need to clamber over the rocks, but it is more than worth it. This reserve has a unique ecosystem of both flora and fauna and the views are breathtaking. At a given time you can choose two directions: Mirador de Carabineros with beautiful views over the Mediterranean Sea or La Cima for the summit of the rock. This last option requires another 1950 feet of hiking with some scrambling, but comes with the reward of fantastic views from the highest point!   Enjoy hiking Alicante! Do you want to know more about the city of Calpe folow this link and if you are looking for a rural retreat have a look here