Alicante Spain hiking, Sierra de Mariola

CSierra de Mariola – Route to an impressive ice cellar, Hiking in Alicante Spain

Alicante Spain hiking; This second walk in the Sierra Mariola is also an official route of the Valencian government. From this walk (here link to the hike Cristofol Sant Cruz) it is a 25 minute drive to the other side of the Parque Natural. This approximately 3 hour hike (4.6 miles) starts in the village of Agres, at ‘El Convento’ (monastery). Agres is a nice town situated on a mountain ridge and because of the location of this monastery, at the very top of this village, the car needs to be driven all the way up, following signs ‘El Convento’ Alicante Hiking Spain. logo comunidad valenciana(see photo). At one point a sign appears with ‘Area recreativa Font Moli Mató’ to the right, here you do not turn right but turn left instead, this is the road to the monastery. Alicante Spain hiking; Sierra de Mariola El Convento de AgresFrom the monastery signs with the cartoon bird of the Valencian government (see picture) indicate the green route. The monastery is located at an altitude of about 2600 feet above sea level. The first 1.5 miles of this walk is very steep, there is a height difference of nearly 1650 feet to be climbed. Just after the start, a nice view of the village of Agres can be enjoyed. The trail continues through a forest and has been made in loops but it gets quite heavy occasionally. Firstly, due to the fact that there is considerable climbing and in addition because of the reduced oxygen in the air at this altitude. This trail was once used by the ice workers who descended with their beasts of burden to the villages down the mountain to sell the ice from the ice cellars. On this path, in our rear, we have a beautiful panoramic view of the valley which lies at the foot of this mountain range. At the top of the path we arrive at Refugio Montcabrer. The ice workers spent the night here in the period when they came to fetch ice from the ice cellars. A little further down is the ‘Cava Gran’, undoubtedly the symbol of the Sierra de Mariola and the environment (see photo).

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Alicante Spain hiking; A large ice cellar with a diameter of 49.2 feet and a depth of 36 feet which was constructed between the 17th and the 18th century. From the ice cellar there is a beautiful view of the Sierra. To go back we take the forest path (which can be driven by cars). This road is followed for about 3.1 miles until we arrive at the earlier mentioned ‘Area recreativa Font Moli Mató’. On this paved road we take a right turn until we arrive at the starting point. Here you will find a map of this walk. Have fun when Alicante Spain Hiking