Road cycling holidays spain, Murla

road cycling holidays Spain, route Alcalalí – Coll de Rates – Castell de Castells – Benigembla – MurlaAlcalalí – Coll de Rates – Castell de Castells – Benigembla – Murla a great run on your road cycling holidays Spain

This round starts from Alcalalí and is about 30 miles long. You can start this ride from Refugio Marnes as well, then the length is about twice as long. Here, on this map, you can see the route from Refugio Marnes to Alcalalí. The car can be parked in Alcalalí on this lot. After the wheels have been mounted on the bike, the direction of Parcent is followed, this road goes up gradually. After having cycled for about 1.8 miles a left turn is taken towards Tàrbena on the CV-715, this is the Coll de Rates. This article describes the climb. After the Coll de Rates has been climbed the direction towards Tàrbena is followed, from the top of the Coll de Rates this is still another 5,5 miles. Upon entering the village, a right-angle turn towards Castell de Castells is taken, this is the CV-752. This beautiful, quiet road is around 7,5 miles long and is characterized by a hilly profile, short climbs followed by short descents.

Road cycling holidays Spain; If you need to work on your short uphill sprints this road is an excellent training ground! Moreover, you will hardly find any traffic here and there are breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains; it is really a must to explore this route. The last miles to Castell de Castells go downhill. On our left hand side lies a beautiful mountain range, called “Els Arcs”. Castell de Castells is a good place to pause for a drink. In the village the direction towards Benigembla is taken, the CV-720. This descent is again beautiful; the road goes in between mountains, a very quiet road with little traffic. After having passed Benigembla, Murla is followed. In the village the sign Travesia shows the direction, meaning the main road. After Murla citrus orchards are passed and at the T-junction a right turn is taken, following the signs to Alcalalí. Here the ride ends or if you started from Refugio Marnes the road to Xaló leads the way back home. Enjoy this beautiful ride on your road cycling holidays Spain