Walking tours Spain, intensive package

Walking tours Spain intensive program hike arround the Sierra de BerniaAn intensive schedule for the experienced hiker during walking tours Spain

This package consists of a one-week stay at fugio Marnes, and our guests can choose to stay on the following basis:


  • Bed and Breakfast (price based on 2 persons sharing € 623)
  • Full board (price from 5 persons, € 700,00 per person, shared room)
  • Self Catering: Price in La Ruina € 553 + costs for 4 people, Los Establos, used as a self catering house for up to 6 people at € 1,700 and Finca Iris from 770,00€ + costs for up to 8 persons

Walknig tours Spain, hike on Sierra de BerniaA walking package at the Costa Blanca is a great holiday idea! The place where you stay is what makes this hiking package unique, it has direct access to the beautiful nature of Alicante.

The package of walking tours Spain consists of the following hikes, which we have compiled in terms of progressing intensity and duration as much as possible:

Day 1 Sierra de Bernia. In this walk you complete the ridge of the Sierra de Bernia. The hike, with beautiful scenery, takes about 4 hours.

Day 2 Circling the Puig Campana. This walk is marked by the Communidad Valenciana (Code PRV 289) and starts in Finestrat at El font Molí. A great hike of about 4 hours.

Day 3 Taming Pinion Ifach in Calpe. During this walk you climb the massive rock in front of Calpe. Although the walk is not long the second part is a bit tricky and tough, but when hiking on a clear day you will have stunning sea views and you may even see the island of Ibiza. You will have plenty of time for a second afternoon walk, Refugio Marnes Cau, Planises Refugio Marnes. A walk which starts right at your the door.

Day 4 Hike around the lake of Guadelest. This is a wonderful walk around a reservoir in the inland of the Costa Blanca, with a length of about 3.5 / 4 hours. It takes a car ride to get to the starting point of this route.

Day 5 The bernia circuit from Pinos. A walk close to Refugio Marnes and takes about 5 hours. This is quite a tough hike because of the climbing and descending.

These are the scheduled walks for this ´walking tours Spain package´, Before you take off to go hiking we discuss the route with you. Additional walks can also be made, the choice is yours, as there are plenty of trails around!

For hikers it is important to ensure you bring the proper hiking equipment, and it is the same for hiking in Spain. Please ensure you have:

  • The itinerary;
  • Good walking shoes suitable for rocky uneven ground and climbing;
  • A mobile phone with a sufficiently charged battery;
  • Plenty of water and some food;
  • The address and telephone numbers of Refugio Marnes;
  • For the more discerning hiker a GPS device or a good app for your Iphone or android.

Walking tours Spain a great idea for an active Holiday in Spain