hiking trails spain; Pinos Marnes Sella de Cau Circuit

map099Hiking trails Spain, Sunny hiking fun!

his is one of nicest  the hiking trails Spain. It goes across the yard of Refugio Marnes. So you can also start from your doorstep, instead of the indicated starting point in the description on the Walks in Spain website!

It is a not too strenuous hike of about 12 km, that you can complete in less than 5 hours. The trails are, except for a small part, easy and well-marked. From Refugio Marnes you walk along the impressive Baranc del Baró which ends at a picturesque landscape with a ruin. You will hike through vineyards and before heading back to Refugio Marnes, there is a stretch of road. The last part of the way home is through the beautiful quiet valley of La Ruina and our pool, so you can take a dip immediately … (of course only for the guests of Refugio Marnes). Hiking trails Spain, a whole year through possibility

For a complete description of this walk and more hiking trails Spain, visit the Walks in Spain website.

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