Road cycling Spain, Jalon area

Road cycling Spain, in the Spanish province of Alicante a mountainous terrain is around the corner.

road cycling spain, Refugio Marnes, Jalon, Refugio MarnesA beautiful and challenging route to ride in the morning or late afternoon is Refugio Marnes – Sierra de Bernia – Jalon (Xaló) – Benissa – Refugio Marnes  (see the attached picture) with an almost 4,000 feet height difference during this 22 mile journey, on your road cycling spain trip, with some spectacular climbing and descending. The driveway is climbed and at the sign ‘Refugio Marnes’ take a right turn, descend to the main road and at the “STOP” sign on the road, turn right again. The first part of the climb is not too steep and allows for fantastic views of the Sierra de Bernia. It is amazing to exercise in this beautiful scenery!

Road cycling Spain, also in Winter

Having cycled for three miles the steep part of the climb begins, after which it will be really tough for about two miles and at the top, probably out of breath, consider taking a break at Refugio Vista Sierra Bernia. After this there is a 4.5 mile descent leading through the hamlet of Masserof and finishing in Jalon (Xaló in Valencian). The town of Jalon is approximately halfway through this route and is therefore a great place to relax for a while. Once in Jalon take the easterly direction, heading towards the sea and after a gas station a traffic sign appears indicating that Benissa is 5 km away. At this point it is important to keep right on the road as there is a lot of traffic and take a right turn in the direction of Pinos where the viaduct over the Autopista de la Mediterrania is crossed for the second time. This road to Refugio Marnes is about 6.5 miles long and up to the town of Pinos the climb is relatively easy, apart from the section just before this village. On the left hand side you can can enjoy the stunning views, with the Mediterranean, the ‘Peñón de Ifach’ and the big rock in front of the town of Calpe.  The last part of the ascent, from the sign ‘Refugio Marnes’ and onwards, makes for a more challenging climax to this route and after about 800 yards the second sign indicates you have made it to finish.  The end of a great workout and only a part of road cycling Spain