Rural village Alicante, Gata de Gorgos

Gata de Gorgos a prosperous village in the Alicante province


Rural village Alicante; Gata de Gorgos is located 15 miles from Refugio Marnes and the village is part of the Marina Alta region in the province of Alicante. In 2013, the village had a population of 6,270 people. Gata de Gorgos is situated about 246 feet above sea level and the town  takes part of its name from the river Gorgos that crosses through the town, also called Rio Jalón and  this river flows into the Mediterranean Sea in Jávea . Residents of Gata de Gorgos are called ‘gateros’  or ‘ gatense’ and besides  Spanish they also  speak Valencian .

The history of Gata de Gorgos, rural village Alicante

From the 16th to the  mid 20th  century, agriculture was the main source of employmment and income for the village. The main crops that were cultivated were: wheat, cane, olives, barley, almonds and grapes for raisins as well as wine but  because of the decline in the quality of the soil and above all the demand for second homes on the coast, the former agricultural land has been changed into urbanizations and tourism has become an important source of income.

What to see and do in this village at the Costa Blanca

Rural village Alicante, Gata de GorgosRural village Alicante; The little centre of the village of course situated around the Church, here you can find some bars and shops and further on is a small ´plaza´ where people meetThe traditional cultivation of cane and tourism now go hand in hand in Gata de Gorgos. The place is, in fact, known for its handcrafted items (Artesanías) made of cane (hats, baskets, etc.). Some of the stores where these products are sold are situated alongside the main road, the N-332, which crosses the village. Rural village AlicanteThese shops store their products partly outside and  because of this the village has been nicknamed ´the Bazaar of the Costa Blanca´. In addition, there are ceramics and handmade guitars sold in Gata de Gorgos, see this link. This guitar factory can be visited Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:30. Here one gets a glimpse of how these instruments are built by hand in the traditional way.

Market Mercadillo Gata de Gorgos

Every Friday there is a market in the village from 08:00 to 14:00. All kinds of products are sold: clothes, shoes, lingerie, fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants etc. The market takes place at the Plaza Nueva, here.


Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo This festival period lasts from the 25th July until the 6th of August and is in honour of Jesus Christ. August 6 represents the culmination of these fiestas  and this is a local  holiday for the people of Gata de Gorgos. The festive activities include:  public dance performances, firework  shows, processions, bullfighting and music performances. The chapel ‘Ermita del Santísimo Cristo del Calvario’ can be found here and is the most important building of this period. Rural village Alicante, Gata de GorgosWhat we can´t forget to mention here is the festival of Correfoc a crazy and literally hot feast where demons are banned by fire and fireworks. Every village tries to have the best Correfoc have a look at this video  for the version of Gata de Gorgos. Tourist Office Here you can find the Tourist Office of Gata de Gorgos for more details, maps etc.