Cycling holidays Spain -Calpe Fanadix-

Map of ride during your cycling holidays Spain, Calpe FanadixCycling holidays spain; Refugio Marnes – Calpe – Fanadix – Benissa – Refugio Marnes

This route is about 31 miles long with a great difference in height, which means that it is a pretty tough journey. From Refugio Marnes go all the way down to the intersection, with the option to turn left to Benissa or right towards Calpe. The latter option is taken towards Calpe. This road, the N-332, is the main road all the way down to the coast and from the moment you join this road, it descends to Calpe, about 5 miles in total. It is important to keep to the outside of the roadway to avoid the other traffic. On some stretches there is a reasonably wide hardshoulder where you can ride, finally take the exit marked ‘Calpe Sur’.

During this ride on your cycling holidays Spain, you will pass through the famous village of Calpe on the main road. There you will encounter a number of traffic lights and roundabouts, along with people going to and from the beach (especially in the summer). Through Calpe the road is flat and is a smooth ride until the north side of the village is reached. This is the coastal road between Calpe and Moraira and is a hillier road where the thigh muscles can start working. It is a main road but the traffic generally moves  slowly which means it can be safely cycled. The road to Moraira ascends slowly but surely and about 3 miles after Calpe,  turn towards ‘Benissa’ and ‘Fanadix’. Around the town of Fanadix a hellish steep section begins and about this point there is a road sign indicating that Benissa is still 8 km away. This can be a point for low morale, but fortunately the slope is for ‘only’ for 4 kilometers of the total of 8km mentioned by the sign. After 4 kilometers a descent awaits, followed by another steady climb of 1.5 km to Benissa.

This area is the whole year trough a great place for your cycling holidays Spain

Arriving at the roundabout of Benissa take a left. The main road through Benissa ‘Avenida del País Valencià’ is a beautiful Strava segment with challenging times, watch which position you can reach between 1200 plus athletes! Be careful of the traffic though!

Then the familiar road to Refugio Marnes is climbed, about 6 miles uphill to the finish line.

Have fun during your cycling holidays Spain