La Vila Joiosa – The Valor Chocolate Museum

lavilajoiosavalorchocolatemuseum01This museum is worth a visit both inside and out. Before you go in, there are old chocolate machines to see and a wagon, from which chocolate was sold.

Once inside, there are two scheduled tours, the thematic tour and chronological tour. The first tour covers the trade, use, packaging and raw materials of the chocolate industry. The chronological tour shows the three factories of the 19th and 20th centuries. At the end of the tour you can see the modern facilities in use today and there is chance to taste their delicious products. Villa Joiosa is about a 40 minutes’ drive from the B&B and Eco lodge Refugio Marnes, your guesthouse in Spain.

Usually Monday-Friday 10-13h, 16-19h, Saturday 10-13h.
Sundyas closed.
Free admission.

Avenida Pianista Gonzalo Soriano, La Vila Joiosa

Tel: +34 966 81 04 51
Email: [email protected]
Web: Museo del Chocolate de Chocolates Valor

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