Costa Blanca birding -dartford warbler

The dartford Warbler an observation during Costa Blanca birdingDartford warbler (Sylvia undata) a beautifull observation during Costa Blanca birding

This species Darford Warbler (size 5 inches) is a common bird in the Mediterranean and lives in a habitat of scrub and heath. It is a small, predominantly dark-coloured warbler. The male has a dark blue/grey back, a characteristic wine red breast and throat area and with both their eyes, and eye rings, being red. The female and the juvenile bird are both paler in colour. The male is often seen singing at the top of a bush or whilst in flight.

Costa Blanca birding; The upwardly directed tail is another important feature which helps to distinguish this bird; the tail is long compared to the size of its body being almost half its length. There is a population of about 3,200 breeding pairs in the south of England, but the bird is rare in the rest of Northern Europe. Spain is the species’ stronghold for reproduction, a home to an estimated 1.7 to 3 million breeding pairs. Dartford warblers eat mainly insects including caterpillars, spiders, butterflies, beetles and larvae. The song of this bird is characterised by scratching, deep tones.