Bird watching alicante -blue rock thrush-

Bird watching Alicante, blue rock thrushBlue Rock Thrush (Monticola solitarius) a great observation during bird watching Alicante

The Blue rock thrush – size 8 inches males have a distinctive blue plumage, the colour is most obvious on the head and the bird’s underside. Females are much duller in colour, beige/brown similar to a female blackbird, but blackbirds are a lot bigger. In Spain these birds are common and present all year round with the Mediterranean an important area for the blue rock thrush. These birds live in rocky areas, cliffs and valleys but also found in ruins and abandoned buildings.

Bird watching Alicante; Normally the species is present to a maximum height of 1 mile above sea level, but there has been sightings in the Sierra Nevada where these birds have been found at above 1.25 mile. During the year, this bird mainly eats insects, but supplements these in summer and the breeding season with small reptiles, and in autumn and winter with fruit and berries.