Ensalada Marnes

Ensalada MarnesPerfect for a lunch on the terrace, with a regional organic white Chardonnay from Villena Enrique Mendoza.





  • 8.5oz washed and salted cod fillets
  • 7oz cooked potatoes
  • 9oz olive oil extra virgen de Caudete (Albacete)
  • small yellow sweet pepper
  • 1 small head endive
  • 1 small bag of rocket salad
  • 2 ripe tomatoes
  • 4 tbsp black olives
  • a little tabasco


  • wash the endive and the rocket salad in cold water
  • make a puree of the cooked potatoes, add 2oz olive oil and a pinch of salt
  • mix the remaining olive oil with a few drops of Tabasco and the chopped yellow sweet pepper; pour in a clean jam jar and shake vigorously until a you have a dressing
  • grate the tomatoes and store them in a cool place


Put a tablespoon of cold mashed potatoes on a plate, dress this a with a little grated tomatoes, salad mixture on top. Spread pieces of the cod fillets around the dish, with a little grated tomatoes. Finally, garnish with the chopped black olives and the dressing.


The fine yellow leaves of endive look nice and decorative, but the green leaves have more flavor and are healthier (more chlorophyll). So use them well.