Hiking tour Spain, low intensity package

Almond almost in Blossom during hiking tour SpainFor people that see walking as part of their hiking tour spain

A walking package for beginners, for people who see walking as a part of their holiday. This low intensity package consists of a one-week stay at Refugio Marnes. Guests can choose to stay on the following basis:

  1. Bed and Breakfast (price based on 2 persons sharing € 623)
  2. Full board (price from 5 persons onward, € 700 per person, shared room)
  3. Self Catering: Price in La Ruina € 553 +  Costs for 4 people and in Los Establos, used as a self catering house for up to 6 people at € 1,700 and Finca Iris from € 770 + costs for up to 8 persons

This week’s hiking tour spain program consists of the following hikes: Day 1- Hike to Refugio Restaurante Vista Bernia which takes about 2.5 hours with great views of the Sierra de Bernia. Day 3 – Hike Lliber Jalon, this relatively easy hike (duration: about 3 hours) is beautiful and passes through different landscapes. Farms, a riverbed (Rio Jalon) and orchards are passed and the views over the surrounding mountains are gorgeous. Day 5 – Walk Pinos Marnes Sella Cau Circuit, a walk directly from Refugio Marnes, a not too strenuous hike of about 12 km, you complete within 5 hours. The trails are easy apart from a very small stretch and are well marked. These are the scheduled walks for this hiking tour Spain package and before you take off to go hiking we  discuss the route with you. Additional walks can also be made, the choice is yours as there are plenty of trails around! For hikers it is important to ensure you bring the proper hiking equipment, and it is the same for hiking in Spain. Please ensure you have:

  • Good walking shoes suitable for rocky uneven ground and climbing;
  • The itinerary;
  • A mobile phone with a sufficiently charged battery;
  • Plenty of water and some food;
  • The address and telephone numbers of Refugio Marnes;
  • For the more discerning hiker a GPS device or a good app for your Iphone or android.

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