The Refugio Marnes guestbook contains the comments of visitors who have stayed in either La Ruina or La Jaima. They are reproduced to provide future visitors with additional independant information. Each comment provides a unique and original perspective on this wonderful holiday location.

The guestbook itself can be viewed by any visitor and at the end of their stay with us, all guests are invited to enter their comments in the book. These comments may then be reproduced on this web page which will be updated on a regular basis.


The Noisy world is still at bay
Amongst this ancient terraced hills
An Ancient land in flowered May

Is still untouched by human ills,
But even in spring the skies are sometimes grey
As clouds well up above the human mills
And thoughtless go their heavy humorless way
Bearing the weight of countless human wills

Will this last this calm, this peace?
Will the spoilers finally see the light?
Ore will the ruination of spring increase
As hordes of aimless armies bring blight on blight
Complacent dreams bring instant release
From agonized doubt and clear eyed fright
But to live is to hope and hope will not cease

Before May flowers curl in perpetual night

Eugene Sigaloff

Dear Willem and Richard
Many thanks for making our stay so enjoyeble ´La Ruina´ is everysthing but a Ruin, very comfortable and WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SETTING,

All the best, John Céline and Julien


Thank you for finding such a wonderfull location. Being able to wake up and look out to such a breathtaking vieuw is something very special. During our stay I was able to forget about time, date……. And fully relax. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!!!

Jeff and Arlene


HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And NO PAPARAZZI!!!! THANKS TO GOD (AND Richard and Willem)

Thanks again for your discrete presence (name not stated for privacy reasons)


We have had the most relaxing week in this super place.
Rejuvenate here,
No noise disturbs theeNatures silent sounds abound

Thanks Willem and Richard for creating such a place.
Tony and Ulrike



Swimming in the green pool, under a blue sky, having a sip of your drink in the hot sun, not having to worry about a thing!!!, This kind of places you dont see a lot,

Richard & Willem you are to modest!!!!!
Regards Bonny


Lovely house, very well furnished, great views, fantastic hospitality.
Far more than we hoped for, simply perfect. I love it here and really hope we'll be back again, with love.

Rebecca & Husband, Jack, Max