Walking trip Spain -Sierra de Oltá

The ´Sierra de Oltá´ a great hike during your walking trip Spain

Walking trip Spain, arrows Sierra de OltáIt takes about a 30 minutes drive from Refugio Marnes to reach this area and it is a forestry jewel in this region. Go by car to Calpe and take the exit for ‘Partida Estación II’ between the turns for ‘Calpe Norte’ and ‘Calpe Sur’. Drive upwards as much as possible where signals will appear for ‘zona de acampada’ and follow this direction  until eventually parking the car at the camp site.


Walking trip Spain, white yellow indications Sierra de OltáThe route here is one of medium difficulty, but it is more difficult when taking the option to hike to the top of the mountain. It is an 8 km or 10 km trip depending on the decision made. In the walk described below the hike to the top is avoided. This route is circular around the Sierra de Olta and is signalled very clearly with posts, by paint on rocks and with wooden arrows, see picture.

A walking trip Spain, great idea for an active holiday

From the camp site follow the signs of the trail PR CV 340 holding the northern side, meaning the route to the right. The path turns into a narrow trail and is characterised by the fact that it runs through a dense pine forest. It is lovely to walk here, especially when the sun is out and it is very hot day where you can walk in a cool environment and moreover be protected from the sun. At one point the dirt trail turns into a path with stones, and here the toughest part begins with a fairly steep climb ahead. The forest is transcended through, and with the height gained a view of the beautiful rock off the coast of Calpe, the Peñón de Ifach, will appear behind you.  Once at ‘Pas de la Canal’ you can chose to climb to the top of this rock (on the right hand side). Here, at 475 metres above sea level, there is a wonderful 360 degrees view; to the seaside is Calpe. On the opposite side you will find the Sierra de Bernia and Partida Marnes. Refugio Marnes is just behind a hill so unfortunately it cannot be seen from this point.

Walking trip Spain, ruins Finca-Pastor-Sierra-OltáWalking trip Spain; From this point on the path is held westwardly and eventually will turn into a wide road suitable for cars, though they are prohibited here. At one point there is a fork in the road where the road to the left is also quite wide. Here, however, the direction is held downwards where a ruin will appear where only the nameplate “Finca Pastor” seems to be in good condition, see picture.

This wide path is followed and will eventually lead back to the zona de acampada where the car is parked. You will get a beautiful view over the Mediterranean and a small chapel ‘Ermita Vella’. Here you will find a very well maintained picnic area (see photo) with toilets and a water pump which gives drinkable water, great! A walking trip Spain and the Alicante province is not a bad idea at all

Walking trip Spain -Church Vella Sierra OltáTo summarise, this is a fairly easy walk in beautiful surroundings, especially to experience this close to the hectic life on the seaside of the Costa Blanca.

For the route and altitude of this walking trip Spain see the following link.